Over the past few years, assisted living centers have seen a trend with retirees. They are creating their own retirement communities, and you can see this type of community in the popular 1985 show, Golden Girls. Golden Girls featured 4 older women living in one house together in Miami, Florida, where they created a financial and social support circle.


The Golden Girls TV show actually inspired Bonnie Moore to create the Golden Girls Network. The network is, “a group of single mature women and men who love the idea of shared living with others and who are looking for an economical lifestyle by forming senior communities together. The organization, Golden Girls Network, is a nationwide electronic database that provides an opportunity for these adults to connect with compatible housemates.”

Bonnie Moore is not the only pioneer in this effort to create shared living during retirement. Many retirees are moving away from assisted living to avoid expensive fees associated with it, and moving towards something cheaper and more social.

If you think you might be interested in shared retirement communities, check out Golden Girls Network or similar programs to find your perfect community.

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer retirement communities or assisted living?

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