You hear it over and over, “Plan for retirement!” and everyone assumes it means saving and getting your financial situation in order. But what about other aspects that you need to prepare for as you age? I’m talking about your health. As an adult reaching retirement, your mind should not only be on finances to upkeep your lifestyle but also maintaining positive health to upkeep your lifestyle. Yes putting stress on saving can be a good thing, but if you don’t take enough time to take care of yourself. Then your savings, no matter how large, may not be enough to outweigh medical expenses, which would only result in a double negative. It’s never too late to start looking out for your wellbeing. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Try A Healthier Diet:

Now don’t worry, I am not telling you dessert is not an option, or that you need to only eat green vegetables. I am just reminding you to be conscious of your dietary choices. As you age, your body is no longer able to make up for missing nutrients, or rid itself of bad content in the way in may have in your past. You need to ensure you are fueling your body with what will keep you feeling good allowing you to remain doing the things you love in retirement. If you think of it this way it is easier to make a healthier choice when given the option. Also remember, your cells are consistently replacing themselves with new ones from the nutrients and energy source you are taking in. This literally means you are what you eat!

Participate In Exercise:

Yes, I can already hear you groaning, but hear me out! Exercising doesn’t have to be boring or excruciating. In fact, some of the best exercises come from low impact activity that can be done with a friend! Yoga, water aerobics, and walks through the park are all great examples of ways you can stay active.

Incorporating daily activity into your routine can help release endorphins into your body effecting your mood in a positive way. The satisfaction of taking care of your body will keep you moving more. This can lead to increase mobility and strength of muscles and joints. Set a schedule with goals, encourage someone to do it with you, get moving, and know that you are increasing your wellbeing with every movement.

Befriend Your Doctor: 

It’s no secret that as people age, there is an increased number of health complications that can occur. Talking with your doctor about your concerns and thoughts may help you get on the same page at where you are in your health. Being close to a physical expert can give you confidence in knowing that if any issues arise in your health, you have someone you trust to consult. Not being afraid to consult someone may mean the difference catching something early enough or not. Have regular checkups and exams and don’t ignore anything that seems out of the ordinary for your health level.  Your doctor will also be proud to hear that you are taking care of your body by making healthier eating choices and staying active on a regular basis!

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