Whether you need the money or not, a part-time job during retirement can be a great option. Many retirees miss the satisfaction of working every day and look into part-time work.

When thinking about retirement planning, here are a few part-time positions for retirees to consider:

Tour Guide: Do you have excellent verbal communication skills and humor? This job is for you! Consider applying to be a tour guide if your city is booming with tourist attractions such as museums, trolley rides, or cruises.

Freelance Writer: Freelance work allows you to make money while working at your own pace. This is a job worth looking into if you were a former journalist or were an expert in your field.

Retail or Sales:¬†A part-time job in retail or sales may sound appealing, especially if you miss daily interaction or have a competitive drive. Since many stores hire seasonal employees around the holidays, you won’t have to commit to a full year. You might even get an employee discount.

Crafter: If your friends and family constantly compliment your woodworking or other hand-crafted items, consider selling your finished products. Online sites such as Etsy and eBay make it easier than ever for crafters to share and sell their work.

Tax Preparer: This is the perfect job for former CPAs or anyone who is financially savvy. Most of the workload occurs between January and April, leaving plenty of time for vacation getaways, investing in other hobbies, or spending time with family.

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